I purchased 2 Jonathan Louis sofas from Macys. I really liked the style, I loved the color, and I thought they were great.

They were just under $1000, each. Not exorbitant, but not cheap either. They were delivered a few weeks later, and looked awesome. The after a couple weeks the buttons started popping off of the cushions.

The heads were separating from the bases. Discouraging to say the least. We kept trying to put them back, but it got worse and worse. To the point we could not even sit on them without one popping off.

I called Macys to speak with the woman who sold them to us, and she looked it up and said they had been having many complaints about the same thing from other customers, she ordered new cushions from different manufacturing location and she assured me it would be better. New cushions came, and after a few weeks the same exact story. Buttons popping off. So we tried to resolve it ourselves by twisting them on, over and over, even trying super glue!

Nothing worked. I called Macys again, and she informed me unfortunately as I was a couple months over one year, they no longer could help but I should call Jonathan Louis Intl. directly. Which I did!

I spoke with Cythia Valdes in customer service, and told her the experience I had had with the buttons. She explained to me that was a fabric issue which they did not cover after one year. (Conveniently for them, of course) They do have a 4 year warranty for manufacturing, but I was told that the buttons falling apart for the ENTIRE life of the couches was definitely not a manufacturing issue. It was fabric.

Not satisfied with that answer she then passed me along to her supervisor Brandee Reyes who basically said the same. I asked several time to explain how this was a fabric issue, and not a manufacturing issue and she, of course, had no plausible explanation. She ignored me asking every time, because as we all are aware and any person with an IQ higher than a Triscuit Cracker has the common sense to know that this is ABSOLUTELY a manufacturing & quality control problem. One that Jonathan Louis refused to stand behind.

So now my $1000 sofas look like $99 Discount Store POS sofas, after a couple months. I guess the next time I am heading to JoyBird.com At least they stand behind their products!

Review about: Jonathan Louis Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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